UP Vargas Museum opens the group exhibition curated by Rick Rocamora titled Unpredictable… Unscripted on February 5, Thursday, 4pm on the 3F Galleries of the museum.
Unpredictable… Unscripted features street photographs of Ateneo Sta. Ines, Jayvee Mataro, Joel Mataro, Rommel Bundalian, Little Wing Luna, Kimpoy del Prado, Ed de Guzman, Gian James Maagad, Xyza Cruz Bacani, Elpidio “Loi Lee” Juan, Jojo Pensica, Leonard G. Reyes, David Mar Quinto, Jomel Bartolome, Ben Molina, Rick Rocamora and Arthur Quejadas II. While there is no single accepted definition of street photography, Rocamora has formulated his own to serve as a personal guide:
“Street photographers are required to have an observant eye and a mind that can see subtleties quickly. It requires patience to wait for the right moment and the right light, and be at the right place at the right time. It requires agility to be in the right position in a split second while being a fly on the wall and almost invisible. To achieve these qualities in street photographs, we have to commune with the elements of the street without disrupting the scene because of our presence, be prepared to handle the consequences of our subjects’ reactions, and most importantly, be alert to those nuggets of the extraordinary. Street photography is unpredictable and unscripted.”
Rocamora conceptualized the idea of putting together an exhibition of street photographs by Filipinos in early 2012 when he, along with Howie Severino of GMA News Online, launched a project to mentor Filipino photographers based overseas and in Metro Manila.
By monitoring posts from social media, Rocamora began giving his insights with other photographers, sharing and suggesting good examples of street photography, and even discovering exceptional photographers such as Xyza Cruz Bacani from Hong Kong. Bacani, whose international career has inspired others to hone their craft, proved Rocamora’s point that through the right support, Filipinos could gain recognition in the global scene.
The exhibition is made possible by Fujifilm Philippines, Robson Darts, Fisherfarm Inc., UP Sigma Rho Fraternity and DAAN.


To request more information, please send an email to vargasmuseum@up.edu.ph

Installation Photos

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