04 JULY - 16 JULY 2013



Ambie Abaño presents several installation works of stuffed rubber cut and serigraph prints on spandex in Transfigurations, a forthcoming exhibition at the UP Jorge Vargas Museum organized in partnership with Tin-aw Art Gallery. The exhibition embodies Abaño’s innovative approach to printmaking. Her works are vessels that contain and broaden image through chosen medium that is print, its allied processes and the possibilities inherent to print in representing both stasis and movement. The materials and surfaces she chose for her pieces are malleable and given to contour, such as rubber and stretch textile. Abaño renders form through reproducible image and reworks the codes of print making, allowing her pieces to converse with surrounding space.
Transfigurations presents five portraits in editions printed on elastic textile, countenance given form through striations, elongated, and by manner of installation distorted to our vision through stamped, stretched, crimped, cut and sewn surface. In a 2006 exhibition, the gallery space is curiously transformed into what seemed like a tannery of dislocated skins: textile flayed and cast, snug and sag, taut and lax all rhythmically transforming surrounding space into positive imprint. In the artist’s able hands, the process that defines print making which is oscillation between negative and positive space is rendered another dimension. Abaño’s pieces bridge conventional and experimental print and installation methods, her exploration of technique founded on the layered approach that defines printmaking. Yet her works are singular in their engagement of spatiality and sequence. Abaño imbues them with the voluble and tactile quality of print’s surface, further heightened by the sculptural aspect and immersive quality characteristic of installation.
Ambie Abaño’s artistic practice is founded on the continuing exploration of the possibilities of print, from surface to space, through voluble image towards surrounding volume. The artist approaches the project of image production through rigorous process. It is continuous perfection of method combined with inquisitive experimentation, an easy yet cleverly measured combination of old and new, a relentless exploration of the many layered intricacies of her chosen medium. Transfigurations opens on 4th July 2013, Thursday, 4:00PM at the Vargas Museum inside the UP Diliman campus. The exhibition is on view until 16th July 2013. Transfigurations is the artist’s Masters of Fine Arts thesis exhibition.
Ambie Abaño has exhibited widely here and abroad. She was president of the Philippine Association of Printmakers from 2006 to 2012, and currently department chair of Studio Arts at the UP College of Fine Arts. Abaño is recipient of residencies sponsored by Alliance Francaise de Manille and the Asian Cultural Council that led her to exhibit works in Paris and New York.


To request more information, please send an email to vargasmuseum@up.edu.ph

Installation Photos

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