As part of its campaign to build a strong image and raise institutional profile, the UP Vargas Museum launches its new logo. Designed by graphic designer Dino Brucelas, the logo takes its form from the structure of the museum itself, a three-storey concrete and glass building designed by Architect Honorato Paloma. Inspired by the lines and angularity of the Vargas Museum building and the geometric patterns of its terrazzo floor, the logo is composed of three brackets forming the letters V and M with a diagonal “Vargas Museum” text on top. The angular design gives the logo a constructivist look, while the tilted texts embody the dynamism of the Museum.

Complementing the geometric elements is the sans-serif font Univers. Its modulated strokes strike the designer as having a neutral character, and best suited to the style of the logo. The color scheme also links the design with the physical structure of the Museum. The gray derives from the dominant color of the building’s exterior, while the cobalt blue is based on the glazed tiles used in the flooring of the stairs and landings.

About the Artist

Dino Brucelas graduated with a degree in Fine Arts major in Visual Communication from the University of the Philippines. He has been active in the graphic design and advertising industry both locally and internationally, working for various agencies and handling several consultancy projects. He designed the website and did layouts for CRTL+P, a digitally published journal of contemporary art. His previous engagements with museums include graphics and publication projects with the National Museum of the Philippines, and serving as Project Manager for Design and Exhibits at the Rizal Shrine in Dapitan. Aside from being a graphic artist, he is also a writer, researcher, and a teacher at De La Salle University and College of St. Benilde.