23 JULY - 24 AUGUST 2013


The UP Vargas Museum in cooperation with Silverlens Galleries will open Patricia Perez Eustaquio’s solo exhibition titled The Future That Was on 23 July, Tuesday, 4PM at the GF Lobby and West Wing Gallery of the museum.
The Future That Was are musings on the structures and ideas that produce, frame and promote art and design. Taking her cue from the final chapter of Robert Hughes’ Shock of the New of the same title, Eustaquio weaves a narrative that examines the ideas of innovation and novelty, cultural patronage and the social notions of timeliness and timelessness, i.e. fashion and its latitudes. Here, “the future” is art, the construct of the so-called avant-garde, translators of visions into flat or plastic forms: whatever qualifies nowadays as “art”. Fashion, on the other hand, is the machinations of its popularity: whoever qualifies such constructs as “art”. In this construct is a framework of materials, form, idea that is bent and molded into a product that is then displayed, marketed and digested.
In Eustaquio’s world, this construct takes on the language of craft and design and the resultant works attempt at approximating a design exposition where material and form are exalted, made to do things they don’t usually do or affected with superfluous stylizations. Eustaquio covers her objects in varied surfaces: mannequins in solihiya, ambiguous rock formations in laser-cut mirrors and wood, while paintings are attempts at wrapping varied shapes in similarly articulated, textured surfaces. Overall, it is an exercise in exuberance and stylization in an attempt to examine the framework of art production, aesthetics and taste, and in so doing raise the question of what informs art and design.
Patricia Perez Eustaquio (b. 1977) studied World Cultures in Trieste, Italy and pursued a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting at the University of the Philippines. She is recipient of Thirteen Artists Award from the Cultural Center of the Philippines and winner of the Ateneo Art Awards in 2009. She has exhibited in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, New York, and Basel, and her work is part of the Singapore Art Museum collection. She has participated in the artist residency programs of Stichting id11 in Netherlands in 2009 and Art Omi in New York in 2010.
The Future That Was runs until 24 August 2013.


To request more information, please send an email to vargasmuseum@up.edu.ph

Installation Photos

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