05 MarCH - 23 april 2022
The history of Philippine photography is fraught with gaps, inviting discussion on the identification of pioneers and progenitors. Proto Photo Educator: Teodulo Protomartir tries to address this situation as curator Jay Javier shines a light on Teodulo Protomartir, who may be considered a pillar of photography education in the country. This exhibition gathers more than 50 photographs taken by Protomartir; each image signifies the quality of Salon style photography, which promoted standards-based approaches to shooting images. The exhibition references Filipino attitudes towards photography and offers scenes of life in early 20th century Manila through the lenses of 35mm cameras. A selection of photographs from the Vargas Library and Archives strikes a conversation with Protomartir’s work and narrates the difficult life in Manila during the Second World War.
Teodulo Protomartir (b. 1903, d. 1977) was an amateur photographer from Manila. He received his education from San Beda College. He served as the photographic consultant for AGFA and Leitz, brands imported by Botica Boie in Manila. Protomartir promoted the use of 35mm cameras for amateur photography as well as salon photography culture through educating other passionate hobbyists and participating in 35mm Club Manila.


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Video Walkthrough

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Installation Photos

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