Proto Para: Rethinking Curatorial Work





The exhibition pursues the goals of the 2020 iteration of the Curatorial Development Workshop supported by the Japan Foundation, Manila (JFM) and the Philippine Contemporary Art Network (PCAN). Like the workshop, which began in 2010, the exhibition seeks to reflect on the relationship between the social context of the public health crisis brought about by the Covid 19 pandemic and the curatorial mode that is responsive to the current ecology of production. This production has been disrupted because of the restrictions on basic mobility; domestic and international travel; physical interaction; and general everyday activity. This situation, coupled with uncertainty and unpredictability, has affected the economic and emotional well-being of everyone all over the world and rendered daily life and the imagination of the future precarious even as various forms of violence and repression have heightened.



Curators include Marz Aglipay, Sam Domingo, Patrick Flores, Tessa Guazon, Renan Laru-an, Jael Mendoza, Jeckree Mission, and Robert Paulino.
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Video Walkthrough

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Installation Photos

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Study Guide

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Zine-making Worrkshop

Click here to watch the zine-making workshop with Mako Micro-press