Poems from the Wind | Constantino Zicarelli

29 june to 02 august 2019



In this exhibition, Zicarelli investigates the capacity of “dust as a universal yet personal marker of time.”





Specifically, he draws attention to dust that collects and eventually resides in the structures significant to his practice; in turn it becomes index of both presence and apathy.





For poems from the wind, the artist assembles materials found in the home and in the museum, and lets the resulting objects—furniture installations, neon light sculptures, graphite works on canvas, and dust enclosed in glass boxes—serve as reaction to and reflection of his personal experiences in these two particular structures. The objects converse with the architecture of the museum.
Costantino Zicarelli (b. 1984, Kuwait) spent his formative years in Italy and later moved to the Philippines where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts from the University of Santo Tomas. Working across installation, sculpture, drawing, and painting, he has had exhibitions in Manila, Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Tromso, Sandes, Liverpool and Brooklyn.
Costantino Zicarelli’s works rest at the point between beauty and ruin. Through large-scale drawings and installations, Zicarelli turns each exhibition into a mise-en-scène: a work of fiction that visually references the traditionally held gallery aesthetic while establishing a more personal narrative. Despite the prevailing gloom at first glance, one will find that the artist is preoccupied with the moment before the inevitable, where belief hangs suspended in the air together with a hazy acceptance. His recent body of works show a profound interest in patterns, evident in his wood grain drawings in graphite and wallpaper-like paintings, both on canvas.
He received the Cultural Center of the Philippines Thirteen Artist Award in 2012 and the Ateneo Art Awards Fernando Zobel Prize for Visual Arts in 2017, where he was awarded a residency at Liverpool Hope University in 2018.