The UP Vargas Museum, in partnership with Tin-aw Gallery, presents Pagburo at Pag-alsa: Natural Depictions and Illustrated Prophecies (Gelacio, 1910) an exhibition by Jo Tanierla, curated by Carlo Paulo Pacolor.


The story begins as all stories do—someone taking somebody else’s hand. A pair embarks on a yearlong pilgrimage from a bridge in Tayabas to a cave in the mountain of Pamitinan, Montalban, Rizal. Gelacio, an itinerant scholar in the city, and Manta-tio who speaks in tongues. They meet other characters along the way, and they also hear stories: of mornings and massacres, a whole banana field ablaze with santelmo like clenched fists, contraptions floating like ghosts, and a cow that brings with it the night. No immediate proof is left of neither their journey nor their fantastic stories, save for a poem about Bernardo Carpio: “Ngunit may ‘di nagdiriwang—mga babaylan sa may pampang, ang buwaya’t mambabarang, ang mga duwende’t tikbalang; lahat sila’y nag-aabang.”
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