09 July - 13 August 2022
The UP Vargas Museum, in partnership with Bliss Market Laboratory, presents “OC C U R R ENT,” an exhibition with works by Atsuko Arai, Robert Besana, Aigars Bikse, Con Cabrera, Aracha Cholitgu and Yujin Lee, Geloy Concepcion, Jun Matsuyama, Surajate Tongchua, Wesley Valenzuela, Veejay Villafranca, Haruka Yamada, Atsuko Yagamata, Asia Pacific College, and Joshibi University of Art & Design. “OC C U R R ENT” re-evaluates the concept of displacement in different localities and trajectories that forced individual experiences and interests into motion. Displacement in this context is about the idea of being disrupted from point A to point B, and to be swept away from a current state, function, and meaning.
Localities in this project speak of not just the concept of location but of personal ideals, sense of belongingness, and beliefs as creators of this time.
“OC C U R R ENT” highlights the word “Current” which reflects ideas of fluctuations, currencies, tendencies, flow and direction of energy, trends and developments. In this exhibition, different narratives of movement within different social conditions and reflections on each participant’s current state of energies are presented.
This project, curated by Jaime Pacena II, is an initiative that highlights the importance of connection and continued dialogue.
Most of the participants in this exhibition shared an experience at the Rikuzentakata Artist-in-Residence in Iwate, Japan since 2013 to 2019, including Atsuko Arai, Aigars Bikse, Con Cabrera, Aratcha Cholitgul, Jun Matsuyama, Surajate Tongchua, Jaime Pacena II, and
the Associate Professor of Joshibi University of Art and Design—Teiko Hinuma. Rikuzentakata is a place that was directly affected by the Great Eastern Japan earthquake and tsunami in 2011.
From this residency, the inquiries about different social concerns are always evident. In 2018, BMLab started a cultural exchange program titled “Project D I S PLACED,” extending the dialogue from Rikuzentakata to Manila. From this program new connections have been made, including the participation of Asia Pacific College, Robert Besana, Veejay Villafranca, Haruka Yamada, and Atsuko Yamagata.
This program continued until 2021 and during an online conference, the call for another meaningful engagement came about. From this call, “OC C U R R ENT” was the response. From this response the invitation was extended to Geloy Concepcion, Wesley Valenzuela, Yujin Lee, the students from Joshibi, with the guidance of Instructor Ishu Han and chosen thesis projects from APC completed this exhibition.
The objective is simply to continue. Despite the natural occurrences and tendencies of displacement in our practices and our lives... we continue.
Just like the exhibition’s poster, a design that represents a fluctuation of a signal mostly seen in television monitors or, in a more technical term, a disruption of the odd and even fields that composes a frame. We are familiar with this as a glitch that came from the term to slide or slip momentarily as sync pulses do not match a splice.
That despite the sudden glitches our movement continues.


To request more information, please send an email to vargasmuseum@up.edu.ph

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