31 MAY 2013



n his own words, Dave Lock is a painter of the "nightmare-infested creatures," seen in his obsessive line work that merges portraiture with organic forms. This technique extends into this series of untitled works, aptly called Nameless, as if to acknowledge the contradiction of attempting to name the amorphous.

In embracing the foremost quality of the abstract, he paints a series asking -- instead of telling -- the viewer what they see. What appears in these canvases are acts, rather than the objects, giving the viewer forms of encroaching, crawling, and clawing. This demonstrates how even that which is without a name can leave an indelible mark.

It is a mark that poetry responds to, crafted by a collective that may also remain nameless. Text and image gather to contrive the reality that can only be faced, flimsily and in creative confusion.


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Installation Photos

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