The Ground Floor. This is the main access to the building. Its front lobby serves as the main reception area with stairs leading to the other levels of the building.

This floor features areas for changing exhibitions of contemporary art and culture. The Lobby hosts temporary exhibitions, lectures, meet-the-artist sessions, book launchings, poetry readings, and music recitals and concerts. Another area designated for changing displays on the west side of the building is the West Wing Gallery, which traverses the whole area of the western portion and covers the back side of the building.


The Second Floor. This entire area is dedicated to the Main Gallery of the museum where the exhibit of the permanent art collection, The Vargas Collection, is displayed.


The Third Floor. This level houses the archives, library and the Vargas memorabilia. It has three exhibition spaces: the North Wing Gallery for exhibitions in which contemporary art dialogues with the archives; the Sensorium, a teaching and experience laboratory for children; and the South Wing Gallery which holds the permanent exhibition Jorge B. Vargas: A Collecting Life (Isang Buhay ng Pagtipon) exploring the life of Jorge B. Vargas as a collector, political figure, and leader in the fields of sports and scouting. Technical and artistic support services personnelcurator, researcher, specialist, and staffalso hold office on this floor.

The Basement. This is the Vargas Museum’s activity center where workshops and community arts programs are held to supplement the other spaces all over the building. The Visible Storage for the art collection is also located on this level.