16 June - 21 July 2023

The UP Vargas Museum works with artists who utilize video as an artistic medium to heighten multisensory perception and create avenues for discussion. Several exhibitions previously held at the museum convey the medium’s potency to critically reflect on sensing the body and the self through the vehicles of memory and the lenses of current times.
In the exhibition "Ties of History," Vuth Lyno’s 3-channel projection titled “25” invites viewers to reflect on social injustice and human relationships in light of the United Nations’ peacekeeping mission in Cambodia in the early 1990s. This is accomplished through Lyno’s use of three screens and a stereo setup which situates viewers in the middle of the projections and engages the conversation that transpired through the installation. Eisa Jocson’s “SuperWoman KTV Room,” from "Displace, Embody," is an interactive work simulating a KTV room. It was a reflection on feminine empowerment and the struggles of Filipino migrant workers. Jocson's use of a sofa, a table, LED lights, and a karaoke lyric video immerses the viewer through song and dance as an expression of cultural identity and as a means of enunciation.
On the other hand, Annie Pacaña’s “Angle of Reflection,” part of her current exhibition "from-out-there-toward-me-and-through-me," uses engineered soundscapes echoing within the space, manipulated urban images projected as kaleidoscopes, and repurposed windshields arranged on the floor. These visual and sonic impressions invite audiences to contemplate on life conditions in the contemporary metropolis.
The incorporation of video in installations or installative works of art heightens our personal experience of contemporary art—enabling the medium’s artistic possibilities in the production of meaning.
The exhibition "from-out-there-toward-me-and-through-me" by Annie Pacaña is currently on view at the West Wing Gallery of the UP Vargas Museum until 21 July 2023.


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