"Eklips" is Coquilla’s 31st solo exhibition and his second at the Vargas Museum. It features ink on paper works in the top view perspective that is a defining feature of his art work. Coquilla’s works in Eklips are made using a subtractive method; ink is poured onto paper, rubbed out using a dry brush, then details are added in pen. A visual artist of over three decades’ experience, Coquilla is known for his witty, satirical, and whimsical portrayals of urban locales and their inhabitants who he depicts all looking upwards at the viewer. However, the beginning of Coquilla’s ‘golden years’ were brought to a halt by the 2020 pandemic and his subsequent confinement at a COVID-19 facility. Owing to his hospital stay as well as the intolerability of oil paint fumes to a recovering patient, Coquilla encapsulated this challenging period in his life in black-and-white pen and ink; his familiar upward-looking figures situated monochrome in X-ray rooms, gurneys, hooked up to oxygen tanks, prone and side-by-side in public wards.

Other works in "Eklips" exhibit a similar horror vacui of upward-gazes—overlapping traffic scenes and the Nazarene procession, among others. Coquilla also presents a single video work from the interactive installation piece in UP Ikot Toki, his ongoing exhibition at the UP Fine Arts Gallery. The video is of audiences from a top-view perspective as they draw on the underside of a jeepney roof mounted well-above head height, the feed simultaneously recorded and fed to a monitor to display in real time.
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