UP Vargas Museum, in partnership with Aura Contemporary Art Foundation, presents Displace, Embody, an exhibition that seeks to reflect on how bodies, species, and spaces transform constraints in simultaneously urgent and playful ways. This project between the Philippines and Thailand acknowledges the issues brought about by prevailing boundaries and restrictions set on subjectivities. Prefixes prompt the probe of these conditions: “trans,” in the sense of location and direction, and “dis,” in the sense of resistance.

Displace, Embody gathers artists to reflect on discourses around transfigurations within the contexts of agency, location, and future. The works reveal gestures of subjection and presence, expressed through selfie photo manipulations, performances in a KTV room, creatures morphing through textiles, paintings of an inter-species ecology, and films on cross-border male sex work, among others.


Curators include Marz Aglipay, Sam Domingo, Patrick Flores, Tessa Guazon, Renan Laru-an, Jael Mendoza, Jeckree Mission, and Robert Paulino.
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Video Walkthrough

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Installation Photos

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Study Guide

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Vargas Conversations

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