Bridges: Mariano Ponce & Jorge Vargas

26 June to 27 July 2018



"Bridges: Mariano Ponce & Jorge Vargas" looks into the lives of Mariano Ponce and Jorge Vargas, who both served as representatives of the Philippine government to Japan in times of uncertainty and turmoil.





The exhibition explores the political roles of these two diplomats during tumultuous times as the Philippines built its sense of nationhood, and sought its independence in light of different forces amidst newly-established governments.





Ponce was sent as an emissary to Japan in 1898 to explore the Japanese government’s position in the United States of America’s colonization of the Philippines and impending political power over Asia in the late 19th century, while Vargas, whose position as the Executive Secretary of the Commonwealth Period made it imperative for him to stay in the country, was sent to Japan as an ambassador in 1943 when the first Philippine Embassy in Japan was established.
"Bridges: Mariano Ponce & Jorge Vargas" will engage the younger audience through its interactive and tactile activities in order to draw the youth to the relevance of history and the creation of a collective identity.
This exhibition is part of the year-long programs of the Municipality of Baliwag and Museo ng Baliwag for the 100th Death Anniversary of Mariano Ponce.
Museo ng Baliwag was established in 2017 by the Municipality of Baliwag through the efforts of Mayor Ferdinand V. Estrella to promote and preserve the history, arts, and culture of Baliwag. It serves as the Arts, Culture and Heritage Office of the Municipality that creates and implements programs relating to the promotion, conservation, and cultivation of Baliwag’s historic, artistic, and cultural traditions.


Exhibition Opening Photos

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