UP Vargas Museum presents Marco Ruben Malto II’s mural titled "Ang Petroglyphs ng Angono" on November 12, Thursday, 4pm at the 3F Landing.
"Ang Petroglyphs ng Angono" featuring a seven-panel painting based on the Angono Petroglyphs, reflects Malto’s interpretation of the endangered engravings on the 167-meter rock shelter by referencing images from history and the current state of politics and society in the country. By focusing on the supernatural explanations (particularly on the healing potential of “sympathetic magic” where the diseases of ailing infants are “transferred” onto something else after the parents of these children carve the latter’s images onto the stone) regarding the rock engravings, Malto explores the concept of talisman as an art theme.
The Petroglyphs of Angono are late-Neolithic cave engravings, either of anthropomorphic or zoomorphic forms that gained considerable recognition since their discovery by National Artist Carlos “Botong” Francisco in 1965. But such appreciation has not necessarily translated into sufficient support to preserve this National Cultural Treasure. Thus, the exhibit aims to promote awareness in preserving this archaeological heritage. And like the “sympathetic magic” that relies on either “similarity” or “contact”, Malto tries to mend some ailments of Philippine society through the representations on his painting.
"Ang Petroglyphs ng Angono" runs until December 11.
Marco Ruben T. Malto II (b. 1972) is a graduate of UP Diliman College of Fine Arts (UPCFA) in 1993; finishing his Master of Fine Arts, also at UPCFA, in 2002. An Assistant Professor and a former Department Chair at the UPCFA-Department of Studio Arts, Malto’s fascination with rock art was inspired by his stay in Namibia in 2007. Following his exploration of the pre-historic African rock engravings, Malto initiated and designed a set of stamps to commemorate the Twyfelfontein Petroglyphs -- Namibia’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site; the stamps were launched and issued in Namibia in 2008.


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